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I am new and I tried to add parallax layers to my test project and I came up with a problem. First I tought it is because of the project settings or some other thing.
To test it I opened a brand new project and placed a camera2d, parallax background and a parallax layer as as child.
I placed this to camera2d in order to test parallax layer scroll

func _process(delta):
translate(Vector2(5, 0))

When camera is "fixed top left" it's perfect. But when I change camera anchor to "drag center" Parallax layer freaks out. When its motion scale is 1,1 it is normal but when I change it (for example to 0, 0 because it is the far most layer and I don't want it to move) the position of the layer changes. And when I try to adjust the position to the right place and change the scale again (like to 0.5 0.5 this time) it changes again! I couldn't find a sollution so far.

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