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I have 2 projects made in godot on my computer:
One of them works fine in android, I can install the APK and even the remote debugging option works.

The other, when I try to install it's APK, shows in the phone "App not installed" and a warning sign above it. When I try to do the remote debugging, Godot simply stops responding while signing the Debug APK and closes the remote debugging window.

What should I be looking for to fix this? Any tips? Similar experiences?

Edit: If this is of any help, the Output window shows this when I try to do the remote debugging.

running cmdline: "C:/Users/jdmdi/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" "-s" "KYV7N15B14001714" "reverse" "--remove-all"
running cmdline: "C:/Users/jdmdi/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" "-s" "KYV7N15B14001714" "reverse" "tcp:6007" "tcp:6007"
Reverse result: 0
running cmdline: "C:/Users/jdmdi/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" "-s" "KYV7N15B14001714" "shell" "am" "start" "-a" "android.intent.action.MAIN" "-n" "org.godotengine.test1/org.godotengine.godot.Godot"

I tried:
- Reinstalling Godot
- Reinstalling JDK and ADK
- Regenerating debug.keystore

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Apparently an image of 4 KB was causing the problem. When I tried to re-make my little game in a new godot project, the remote debugging stopped working when I placed this image, and surely enough, for some reason I couldn't delete it from my original project. I used another image and it is working perfectly now.

Thankfully my project was very small and I was able to recreate it and delete the original.

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Make use of android studio logcat and post it output here for more clarification

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Sorry but, how exactly would I do that? I'm pretty new to well, everything.
How do I use Android Studio to... What?

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