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Is there any way to resize the kinematicbody2d container to fit the sprite? It has an enormous space around them and I am only using a small sprite, 16x16 to be exact.


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Actually, it doesn't matter the size of kinematicbody. It will not affect at all any physics aspect or other related.

Yeah, but with the size of the kinematic node makes it hard to select objects on the screen. It's impossible to select the next two sprites beside it because it overlaps. I can only select them from the node tree.

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It looks like future versions of Godot will solve this by not show the size of the KinematicBody2D at all. So trying alpha 3.1 could be an answer, depending on if anything breaks in your project.

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Well, since I'm mostly just prototyping, might as well use the alpha. It does fix the bug, which is great.

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