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it's a tab indentation mark.

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And what it do

just making the invisible "Tab" character shown on editor.
if you don't want it, you can disable it at Editor Settings > General > Text Editor > Indent > Draw tabs

I have sometimes by mistake deleted it and everything get wrong but disabling it wasn't cause any issue am I right?

no, it won't.

hey i disable it but when i just backspace at that location same thing happen why gscript have this thing

did you see the symbol again when deleting tab indentaion?
then it would be a bug. report it on github.

You cannot mix indentation with both tabs and spaces. My suggestion is, do not turn tab showing off. It is important to easily see the indentations.

The other suggestion, is go to Edit (on the Script Editor Menu) and choose Convert Indent To Tabs just in case you have some indentations that you used spaces.

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