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Hey all,

is there an easy way to position the camera in a 3D scene, so it looks and feels like an 2D isometric view (using Godot 3.0.6) ?

I have this basic scene , a floor with edge and a cube (view from top in Editor),
how can i position the camera (with minimal trial and errors) to get something like this or this or this


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If you select the Camera node, in the inspector there is an handly "Projection" setting: set it to orthogonal to obtain your effect.
Just to let you know, unless you plan to rotate the camera using a 2D Tile map might be easier for this kind of project

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Thx for your feedback, I managed, following this, to achieve almost what i want, but using perspective projection type.

Screenshot ok

However, when trying to use orthogonal, just the horizon appears, playing with the transform / angles does not yield any proper clear view...

Also I have been unable to find a single Godot demo / sample using orthogonal projection type.

Can anyone point me to a sample project ?


Most likely the camera is not pointing in the right direction, or the zoom is set to a wrong value (usually it's too small: since there is no distance in the orthogonal view, the zoom plays the role of the "how close the camera is", if it is too small the camera will look at a very small region of the scene, likely an empty one)

I think that was it @Andrea, the size (or zoom) as u called it was set to 1 by default, had to set it to 80 (then adjust transform)


How about getting 2d isometric view within a bounds of camera2D? Andrea Please help me out here

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