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I am currently working on a network game; but I have the problem that the clients crash at random interval with no warning, error or console output. It just simply freezes. The engine itself works fine though.

Any tips & tricks you could share in order to find the cause? :)

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You should add more info about your OS and Godot build used. Also probably GitHub: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues is probably more appropriate place for this kind of issues.

First thing you should check is the debug (console) window. Usually when issue like that happens some errors are displayed there.

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If no message appear in any of the consoles (editor and system), you can still attach a C++ debugger to the game process, because the editor is built in debug mode with symbols.
Otherwise, you can try the hard way and remove stuff in your code until the client stops to freeze, then you'll know which removed stuff is the culprit.

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