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Hi all:

I use a 4K monitor, and I'd love to use Godot for my next game, but all the text in the IDE is microscopically small. Is there any option I can use to double the text size?


asked Sep 10, 2018 in Engine by MANT (15 points)

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Increase value at Editor > Editor Settings > Interface > Editor > Custom Display Size

enter image description here

answered Sep 10, 2018 by volzhs (9,464 points)
selected Sep 10, 2018 by MANT

Thank you for your answer, much appreciated.

Just FYI, my version (v3.0.6.stable.official.8314054 on Windows) does not show Display Scale or Custom Display Scale, but it does have Main Font Size, and changing that worked fine!

oh... I'm using 3.1.alpha

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