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I'm using .get_rotation() to get the rotation value in radians of a Node2D node.
The problem I'm having is that after every rotation of the node, it's rotation value keeps on going up/down.

Basically, I need a way to get the rotation to range between [0, 2PI] only, and not their multiples.

Maybe I need to get the rotation and then apply some math functions to get the [0, 2PI] equivalent but I don't know how...

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Can you include some information about how you're rotating the object?

This is part that handles the rotation of the object (WeaponContainer = weapon): https://imgur.com/w7pqhw7

Im trying to make the weapon face the direction of the player's movement. That part seems to work fine. The problem is in the if statements. I need some way to transform the current_angle variable into an angle 0º <= x <= 360º.

Thanks for your time!

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BTW, you can access the rotation and rotation_degrees properties directly, you don't have to use the get_ method. As a bonus, autocomplete works with the properties, but not the getter/setter.

To keep your rotation in the range, you can use the modulus operator, which is fmod() for floating points:

rotation_degrees = fmod(rotation_degrees, 360)


rotation = fmod(rotation, 2 * PI)
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Thanks for the help man, works like a charm!

Or shorter version fmod(rotation,TAU) as TAU = 2 * PI. :)

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