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is there anyway to get title map size, width and height in pixels, or number of tiles in x and y direction?
I need to know these properties from GDScript, but it seems they are not available...

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Tilemaps are somehow infinite, their bounding rectange is not available, unless you compute it yourself:

func calculate_bounds():
    var used_cells = tilemap.get_used_cells()
    for pos in used_cells:
        if pos.x < min_x:
            min_x = int(pos.x)
        elif pos.x > max_x:
            max_x = int(pos.x)
        if pos.y < min_y:
            min_y = int(pos.y)
        elif pos.y > max_y:
            max_y = int(pos.y)

It would be a nice addition to have the bounds already in Tilemap.

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The answer above enabled me to find this much more complete answer: https://godotengine.org/qa/7450/how-do-i-get-tilemaps-size-height-and-width-with-script

@apb1963 This post seems to be hidden, what was the answer?

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You'll need to take tilemap's cell size and scale into consideration when calculating the real-world size of tilemap's used_rect as follows:

func calculate_bounds(tilemap):
    var cell_bounds = tilemap.get_used_rect()
    # create transform
    var cell_to_pixel = Transform2D(Vector2(tilemap.cell_size.x * tilemap.scale.x, 0), Vector2(0, tilemap.cell_size.y * tilemap.scale.y), Vector2())
    # apply transform
    return Rect2(cell_to_pixel * cell_bounds.position, cell_to_pixel * cell_bounds.size)
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