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I cannot find any property like "font" in a label node

so how can I get the DynamicFont ?

Actually what I want is change the font size of the DynamicFont in gdscript


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easy ^^

  $YourLabel.add_font_override("font", load("Your font's path"))
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What if I already set the font in editor?
How can I access the font in gdscript?
Thank you.

You have to create a font (.tres) and then copy its path (right click -> copy path). Replace "Your font's path" by this path and it should work. No problem if you've already set a font in the editor.

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In the inspector you can find the font properties under "custom fonts" , its quite a scroll down mind you.

enter image description here

And for changing the font size there is this QA :

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I want to get the font in gdscript, not editor

Thank you

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