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I would like to have parent class using a method that's declared in child class.


extends "res://BaseMap.gd"

func mapfunction(arg):
  if arg == "bossfight":
  if arg == "regularfight":

BaseMap.gd script would be like this:

extends Node

func fight():
  if(value == "bossfight"):

Is there a way to use the method mapfunction in the parent class? Because this worked fine in 2.1 (and even 3.0, but not in 3.1..)

I would like to let a base map class that handles some logic... tells to the child class which one it should be.

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I think it does not work in 3.1 because you are actually breaking OOP here. You use a function in a class where it is not defined, and not defined either in any of its bases. The fact it worked before was actually not wanted so likely a bug/flaw.

What you can do to make it work (and also make things more clear) is to declare that function:

func fight():
    pass # Implemented in child classes

Or call it using dynamic introspection:

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Or use assert(false) in function's body so base class stays abstract and to enforce implementation in derived classes.

BTW i think OP was talking about mapfunction().

Yes, I do mean mapfunction(). It's the function that's defined in child class and called in parent class. Because every child node has its own version of "mapfunction()".

Kinda wish it did work, even though it was not intended, because GDsript's dynamic nature.

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