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I'm looking to hack around with Godot and Reinforcement Learning (like https://unity3d.com/machine-learning )

In order to do so I would need to run the game at the maximum speed my computer power allows.

Using the server (headless) binary of Godot I can focus all the resources on the physics&logic and not waste on rendering, but still I don't know how to tell godot to run the whole game faster.

So the question is not about how to set a higher FPS but rather how to run a game so that it computes the physic&logic as fast as possible, so that Godot can be used as a simulation tool.

Is it something possible ?

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Take a look at the --fixed-fps and --disable-render-loop command-line arguments added in Godot 3.0.

--disable-render-loop  Disable render loop so rendering only occurs when called explicitly from script.
--fixed-fps <fps>      Force a fixed number of frames per second. This setting disables real-time synchronization.

There's some more information about those flags in the pull request's discussion thread.

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wow how did I missed that PR ! This is exactly what I need, thanks a lot

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