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I have a scene setup as the following.


All 3 containers have 'Shrink Center' as horizontal and vertical size flags.

I dynamically insert other instanced scenes into the hbox_container and also remove them from time to time using script.

My intended behavior is that the panel_container as well as the hbox_container will resize themselves to the smallest possible rect.

It acts as expected when I insert new children, and both panel_container and hbox_container expands to accommodate them. However, when I remove them, they don't shrink back and remain at the last expanded size. Only when I insert new children they change to appropriate size.

How do I force the containers to recalculate size upon removing children?

asked Aug 7, 2018 in Engine by mr746866 (13 points)

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My trick for forcing a control to update itself is to hide() and then immediately show() it. Not sure if that works here, fingers crossed :)

answered Oct 6, 2018 by markopolo (618 points)
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