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I'm trying to improve the game from Your First Game tutorial. I've ported it to Android, but I can't make it look the same on different displays. Here's what I mean:

18.5:9 display (it's fine)

16:9 display (it's stretched horizontally)
enter image description here

My settings:
enter image description here

I use Camera2D:
enter image description here

I am new to Godot Engine, so I don't really know how to fix this. Ask for any screenshots you need.

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Hello !

There's a video tutorial on the subject, did you watch it ? :

No, I didn't. But thanks, I will watch it.

I've just watched it. It seems that my configuration is right, but on 16:9 devices, the image is displayed as 18.5:9 with black bars on both sides.

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I have finally solved my problem. My solution: set Aspect to keep_width.
I was sure that I tried this option. Now it fits any display very well.

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Use Mode - 2d
Aspect - keep

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When I build it using suggested settings it looks fine on 18.5:9, but weird on
16:9 display: enter image description here

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