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Hi, I'm trying to perform a Raycast from the camera to the world using a RayCast object. This error comes up when I run ForceRaycastUpdate()


So, how do I make the RayCast work properly? Here's my failed attempt (C#):

Vector3 rayOrigin = camera.ProjectRayOrigin(GetViewport().GetMousePosition()) 
    + camera.ProjectRayNormal(GetViewport().GetMousePosition());
Vector3 rayCastTo = camera.Transform.Xform(Vector3.Forward);
RayCast r = new RayCast();
r.Translation = rayOrigin;
Vector3 projPos = r.GetCollisionPoint();

If I remove the ForceRaycastUpdate() part, then it always returns (0, 0, 0)

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I think you just missed adding it as a child of another node, before using it.

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