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It seems getglobaltransformwithcanvas() is no longer an option with Godot 3?

I'm attempting to have a CanvasLayer element appear directly above a character. I just need a method to return the position of the character relevant to the screen and camera.


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y dont u make use of global script use it to get ur viewport rect

How would I then go about tracking a Position2D (for instance) within that space as it moves?

Why isn't it a option anymore, the method still exist in CanvasItem?

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As coffeeDragon pointed out, get_global_transform_with_canvas() is still an option - my mistake!

I was able to get the UI element to appear above the player's head simply with

var player_pos = get_node("/root/Game/Player").get_global_transform_with_canvas()
var spawn_pos = player_pos.get_origin()
position = spawn_pos

Thanks everyone.

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