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I am attempting to develop a turn based game, where the game cycles through each unit and gives the player an option of who to target. How would I make it so the game waits for the user's input without pausing the entire window?


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You've tried using signals ?

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easy way to do:

create a popup. you put the popup at the bottom of the scene and turn on the popup when you don't want that user to do anything else. make sure the mouse filter is set to stop. you could put a label on the popups so the user doesn't think the game crashed or locked up.

the other way to do is have a container that the mouse filter is set to stop but as a new scene. that way you would have to generate a proper system system or popup system. the first way is easier to do though.

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Thanks, ill try this

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Here's a link to a solution about how to handle the "problem" from GDScript:
Enable / Disable input

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