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I downloaded the source code using Git to compile godot from the source. The files are cloned in the folder C: \ Users \ Dragonet \ Downloads. I downloaded and installed Python 2.7.15 and SCons 3.0.0, but when I put in "" VS2017 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt "" the command
C: \ Users \ Dragonet \ Downloads \ godot> scons platform = windows tools = yes, it appears

'scons' is not recognized as an internal or external command, executable program or batch file.

I have installed the programs and I have proofs.

Am I failing something? Am I missing something extra or is it a SCons problem?
Thanks for the answers.

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I answer myself.
To call Scons you can and should (in some cases) use THE COMPLETE ROUTE to the batch file. Something like C: /Python2.7/Scripts/scons p = windows ...
I hope it serves someone with problems.

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