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Been searching the Q&A here, asked in the IRC and done some websearches.
I would assume this to be a basic enough question...
However, I seem to be unable to find out where to even begin.

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Saving is much the same in HTML as in the other exports. Just make sure as you save you file to a location in 'user://' and not 'res://' as the res base cannot be changed in exported games.

However, I believe this is stored in the user's cache, and if they clear their cache then they will also clear their save. As with all online games you would need to set up a server to send and save the players save file to, that is, unless you are using a website such as kongregate, that handles all of that for you through their API.

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Thank you for providing such a detailed answer.
That is much appreciated.

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Adding to stubbsy345's answer about data being stored in the user's cache, which indeed, it is:

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