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Hello! Sorry if this question is vague at all, I'm just having some concerns and unfortunately the info is coming from other users I don't really have a way to message directly about their problems.

So I recently participated in the Godot Jam and during the whole jam we were testing the Linux builds (the machine I was testing on) and the Windows 32-bit builds. Everything seemed good apart from the general jankiness of a project you're trying to get done in only 57 hours, but upon release it seems like at least two people are having trouble with the Windows 64-bit builds claiming they cannot hear sounds-- a real shame considering that was at least half of the experience and part of what me and my sound designer banked on really selling the mood of the game, aside from that it's a very amateur take on like 2D Minecraft or something.

What really confuses me is this:

  • My sound designer after hearing the first complaint tested the Win64 version on his system: no problem, he even told me that he recorded videos of his "speedruns" from that version.
  • During the jam he and three other people on Discord were testing the game in general throughout the entire 57 hours as I got new builds done. It was the Win32 version, but they all had wildly different systems of varying qualities and all of them seemed to be able to at least hear the sound and music.
  • From everything I understand, and what I've experienced in the past, is that the core features of the engine- outside of specific OS class functions -is that there should be 0% aberation between versions other than what a developer specifically programs (which I did not).
  • Lastly, assuming all of the above things, if it were then a user side problem and the people who left these complaints actually were missing a library or their system could not handle the game or something... why would it not give any kind of error code or indication that something was critically wrong?

This is not me whining about people having issues with my game, don't get me wrong. I am proud of it but I also see a lot of improvements if you know.. I had more than 57 hours to make it and I'm an adult enough to appreciate or even enjoy legitimate criticism. But an issue with the sound engine, which is like a core thing, not working for certain users while everyone I had testing it seems bizarre and I really want to get to the bottom of this so that in the future- like when say I am working on a legitimate product or even another jam -I know how to prevent these kinds of problems or at least error catch it correctly so I know what's going on.

For full disclosure: I was developing on Godot 2.1.4 with the appropriate export templates located in the downloads archive on the homepage. I am using Ubuntu 16.4 LTS and was using the 64-bit editor. I was personally able to test the Linux 32- and 64-bit versions myself, and I have had the Windows 32- and 64-bit versions tested on a Windows 10 64-bit machine. Below is the Win64 build I originally had listed and then my Itch.io page where I have the source code hosted:

Win64 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FIAlmC73VL6V8jg_eBZFQ9H6SpB-UXy4
Source Code - https://animerrill.itch.io/stranded

If there's any help, advice, leads, or anything to help me understand this problem (because I'll admit while I have the editor and GDScript pretty much at an intermediate level now, I know NOTHING about under the hood GDNative or C++) so i can prevent it in the future I'd really REALLY appreciate it.

Thank you for your time, cheers~

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