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I read about Vulkan when it was first announced a couple years ago.

The thing I took from reading, about the high level aspects, was that it would
allow older hardware to take advantage of the improvements Vulkan brings.

Valve was, and still is, a big financial backer. Which makes sense because if
you look at Valve's hardware survey you will see that a large percentage of
users are more casual and have older systems with smaller amounts of memory,
CPU and graphics power. I think these users are similar to Godot's target

Where is Godot in regards to taking advantage of Vulkan? Is it a long way

Vulkan in Godot > 1 year
Vulkan in Godot > 2 year
Vulkan in Godot > 3 year
Vulkan in Godot > 4 year
Vulkan in Godot > 5 year

Will using Vulkan require a large rewrite of the existing code base?


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Godot 3.2 will have vulkan.
I guess and hope in 1 year or 1 and half.

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