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Hello, I'm making a game with image sequences for my animations and I'm wondering : After tinkering with my animation in Godot, some of the assets might not be used in the game, and I'd like to avoid having to go and delete manually all unused assets in the 'assets' folder.

Will the imported assets not used in the game be exported as well, thus making the game heavier ?

Hope my question is clear enough... :) thanks in advance !

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I'm not aware of a functionnality doing that.
You should then care about what you put in the project.

If you want Godot to ignore some folders, you can put an empty .gdignore file into them, and Godot will not include them on export.

2020/04/07 Late edit: I'm actually not sure about the latter. It may not import those files, but I haven't checked if those files also don't end up in the exported game...

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Fart nugget, that's gonna be painful !

Thanks for the answer, though ! ;)

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I may be late, but if you delete all the files in .import, and open your project the files that are needed will be automatically made and the uneccesary files will be deleted

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