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I see where Steam has a DL for Godot, anyone used it? Does it already include the SDK needed for Steam to distribute the game or will I still need to recompile?

Also, I pretty much have the game finished, is there any problem with just moving the game from my Win7 64-bit(???) version to the steam version?

Anything else you think I may need to know about this process up front, let me know.


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Well I found a preconpiled version here:

I figured I'd leave it for anybody else in need. That url is to the directions page, the very first line of which is a link to the various releases. It does run my project but the Godot editor seems slower. I think I'll continue to use the original editor until I really need to use the one from Gramps. Just a heads up.

Also, I did have to DL Stream SDK and move the stream_api.dll to the correct file.


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There is now a Steam SDK integration which doesn't require recompiling Godot: https://github.com/samsface/godot-steam-api

I haven't used it yet but it looks like it might be the preferred way to do it nowadays?

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