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This is my simple question, nothing else, is this estupid? Is a bad idea? The target is always the PC platform. (Sorry for my bad english)

asked May 5 in Gossip by SmithCenturion (26 points)

Stop apologizing for your English.

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Godot itself was built with the same features it offers to game developers. And Godot is not a game.

Therefore, it is possible to build excellent non-game software with Godot.

So, build whatever you'd like with it!

answered May 6 by Diet Estus (1,330 points)
selected May 7 by SmithCenturion

Nice, i will try

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It's not a stupid question. I have developed a desktop application for a sport gym.

answered May 5 by jospic (1,385 points)

hahah amazing broh!

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