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Ignore Mouse seems logical but what is Stop Mouse? It seems to be undocumented. Thanks.

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Mouse event is "absorbed" by the control and it doesn't "continue" to its parent node. It means that parent controls under the control with Stop Mouse will not receive mouse events.

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Thanks for the answer, but isn't this the way it works by default? (edit: changed my example. ) I just tried a test with 2 overlapping buttons (both with Stop Mouse turned off) sitting on top of a TextureFrame. If I move the mouse over them, only the topmost control will get it's input_event() function called. I've also connected their 'pressed' signal and only the topmost button gets this called as well.

AFAIK, the event goes up to parent control node, not sibling node.
if stop mouse enabled, parent control will not receive mouse event.

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