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Now i have problems with this case.

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I also couldn't make this working. Everywhere I ask and all respond the same way that it works by doing the same as for regular square tilemaps. It works for a square tilemap, but not on an isometric tilemap.
I believe it is either the case that I don't know the workflow or it is a bug.
I am talking about the auto-navpath.

One workaround is, not to do auto-navigation, instead put the navpath as a sibling of the tilemap and do all adjustments manually.

I also have problem with this. See my question here with a sample project: http://www.godotengine.org/qa/2973/what-am-i-doing-wrong-with-isometric-tileset-and-navigation

I have, from what I can see perfect navpolys in the tilemap but still its not working.

It would be really helpful if someone could either explain to me what I'm doing wrong or maybe write a small guide.

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Be careful with NavPolygon in tiles, It's important to use grid snap, If not It doesn't works well

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Thanks! Snap is worked for me!

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Yes !

Your Navigation2D has to cover all the map, but you'll have to draw inner polygons around the walls so that your object won't be able to find a path through them.

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I would be very grateful if you could post just a simple tilemap source scene with the navpolys correctly setup!

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I got this to work now with 64x64 isometric tiles. My previous problem was i had a square polygon which i rotated by 45 deg. This does not work, you cant transoform the polygon or pathfinding will not work. I had grid and snapping to 32px.

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