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I'm not able to post to Godot forum. I don't see any button that would allow me to create a post. There is a message saying

You need to confirm your email address. Click here to resend the
confirmation email.

However, after clicking, there is no email sent to my mailbox. I also checked my spam to make sure.
I was hoping there would be no additional confirmation required. I already confirmed my email when I was registering from Q&A.


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I've registered just now and I'm waiting for confirmation email. If it won't came we will know that something is broken on the forum side. For now just wait.

It's still not working..I guess it's a technical issue.
Should this be also reported to https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues?
Couldn't find any link directly on the forum site.

https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues is meant for engine specific issues. Forum is run by different people so I thing it wouldn't be right to post there, but it may be necessary evil because I don't know any alternative channel for reaching guys at forum.
Update: I manage to pass message to forums thanks to work of the inside man. Now lets wait for fix.

Registered forum usernames C0nFate & bartosz?

My username for the forum is the same as for Q&A - Roman
...What do you mean?

Trying to guess which of the unconfirmed accounts might be yours.
OK, username Roman: manually changed from unconfirmed and to verified, try logging in. IF you still have issues let me know here - I might have to talk to our backender.

@Bartosz in case you aren't receiving a verification e-mail either could you try logging in and posting in the appropriate announcement discussion found in Forum Chat category? I created it with special permissions so that unconfirmed users should be able to post replies in there in case they need help.

@megalomaniakaal thanks for help. today I've finally was able to verify my email! :D

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Ok, I sent you a password change request after verifying your account and removing the unconfirmed tag, so you can hopefully now accept this as answer.

Also a FYI for anyone else with similar issues, if the forum contact email([email protected]) doesn't send you a verification email you can find moderators and administrators to contact listed in this forum thread:

[2019-03-13 edit: the old domain has expired, we are working on a more permanent replacement but for now the forum can be accessed here: 1 ]

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Now it seems to be working.
Thank you.

We've had our new domain for a while now, at: godotforums.org

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