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Sometimes when I create a tileset, it works without problems, but other times, when I prepare the collisions and convert the scene as tileset, it puts the collisions in various incorrect places. When this occurs, I have to edit the xml to correct the collision positions, which is rather annoying and takes a lot of time.

Why is this happening, given that I always follow the same method?

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That's not a question, please reformulate. What's the bug? How do you setup your tilemap?

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This is my checklist for creating tiles with collision:

  • always follow this order ( Sprite2D-->StaticBody2D-->CollisionNode )
  • CollisionPolygon2D or CollisionShape should always be at position(0,0)
  • never duplicate a CollisionNode
  • always used overwrite while exporting tiles scene
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Thanks for the useful list, I would have never guessed the middle two hints

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