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First of all I have to thank this community for all the help I have received in carrying out my project, they have resolved one question after another.

I am developing a game and I have managed to export to android without any problem, the game works and everything is luxurious.

The problem comes when I want to export my project to iphone, wanting to do it I have failed in several attempts and in several ways.

First attempt (epic failure): I followed the steps indicated in the tutorial to export to iOS, use the "Godotv2.1.4-stableexporttemplates" (yes, I am using godot 2.1.4 because there I started my project months ago) for it in the Xcode 8.0, then I proceeded to compile and it says "godotopt.iphone does not have an architecture that [iphone device name] can execute", I read a lot about this but nothing solved my problem.
Then I saw this video that seemed to be a ray of hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6IMXYGVPoE (sorry for this link format;))
And I saw that before building the project, in minute 5, he activates the "Automatically manage signing" and then he puts his apple account and so on, I did the same but he indicates problems in which I do not have devices registered in my account and I can not do it because I'm using VM-Oracle to emulate the max OSX El Capitan, anyway the error always persisted, "godot_opt.iphone does have an architecture that [iphone device name] can execute".

Second attempt (epic failure x 2): another ray of light was presented, godot 3.0.2 had been released, I rushed to download to know if it could be exported in a simpler way from there and if ... I saw that now brought in the export menu the ability to do it to iOS, I was very happy and tried it, he told me that the templates were corrupt and in the debugger it says: "APP Team Store ID not specified - can not configure the project", well, at this point I went into steel nerves mode and investigated what was going on.
I do not know if I investigate wrong, read wrong or visit the wrong sites but I read that I must get a developer membership (which costs $ 99 per year) to get the much needed team id ...
When I thought of it a bit further, this same account seems to be the one needed in the "Signin Automatically" of Xcode that is shown in the video that I saw on the first attempt, this account seems to be of vital importance so: Is that so? So ... I need to buy this membership? with that I can finally export to iOS?

Well that is my doubt, forgive if the thing is very obvious but I need your help and thank you.
This is the final boss of my project and I do not know how to defeat it ... y.y

Programs and other used in the failed experiments:
1st) Godot 2.1.4 stable with its templates, Xcode8.0, Mac OsX El Capitan 10.11.6 in VM Oracle
2nd) Godot 3.0.2 and its templates, same Xcode, same OSX

(Sorry for the bad english)

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In short - yes you need to buy the Apple account to deploy to iOS.

This is not because of Godot, it's Apple's policy.

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