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Hey everyone!

I'm not a a low level programmer, I mostly dabble in scripting languages so I don't have a great grasp on how one would go about porting an engine (such as Godot) to an older console. Would anyone care to explain the feasability? I find the potential for developing games in Godot for the dreamcast (or other retro consoles) to be pretty interesting and I haven't seen any theoretical discussions about it. I'm guessing I'm not the only one interested in this topic!

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why a dead console?(it's dead right?)

PS: researching here show that are games still being developed...

If by dead you mean not commercially supported, then yes! However, there is a community of hobbyists who still develop games for it for fun. In fact, the last game released on the dreamcast was around 2 months ago [1]. So it really isn't dead, at least to a niche community of dedicated fans.

[1] http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/news/leonas-tricky-adventures-now-available-to-purchase-on-dreamcast/

I suppose it would be easier to write new engine from scracht than port quiet modern engine to ancient console

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There exists an open-source engine designed for Dreamcast that operates on OpenGL 2.

Since Godot supports GLES2, it may be possible to write a GLES2 library for that console and get the engine running with very minimal tweaking.
I'm no expert on low-level programming myself so this is only a mildly educated guess, but for now I'm going to wager that it is in fact, possible to make Godot Engine work on Dreamcast. It's just a matter of when someone makes it happen.

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