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I have a small game which I've exported as HTML using 3.0.2 of godot and export templates.

The exported game runs in Chrome on Windows 10, but doesn't work in
Edge on Windows 10,
Chrome on Linux Mint,
Firefox on Linux Mint,
Chrome on Android
Safari on iPod.

Is there a definitive list of known browsers which support godot games?

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I guess all of them are supposed to work since Godot exports to WebAssembly with GLES3 and not a particular browser. So if you tried them all, you just made that list, and it could be useful to post an issue on Github (with the project you tested) to ask for fixes, in case it's an engine bug. But it's also likely that some browsers have bugs or lack features.

Have you served your application through a server? Chrome on iPhone doesn't seem to work either. Works on Brave (a chromium fork, so it should work on chromium) for Linux.

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