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A rigidbody hits a tilemap. How do you know what tile was hit so you can set its cell to -1

The position of the rigidbody is not the position of the tile. That has an offset. I could start doing some calculations, size of rigidbody + velocity length etc to know what tile it hit. But that seems not the way to go.

There is a function on the tilemap .getusedrect() that would be perfect... If only it would give the tile that the rigedbody hits. I would need something like tilemap.getcolllisingrect() so I can set the cell -1.

If using kinematic body then there are more easy solutions for this. Why not with rigidbody?

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The approach needed here is to get the contact points, and then get tiles from their positions.
RigidBody2D doesn't expose them directly with getter functions, however there is the _integrate_forces function which you can override, and its parameter allows you to get all contact points: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.0/classes/class_rigidbody2d.html#class-rigidbody2d-integrate-forces

Here is an example in Godot 3:

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