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So, I have set up a mobile game where you have two buttons that you press that do different stuff. Now, I've noticed that when I play the game on my iPhone it seems to sometimes trigger when I release the button rather then pressing it. And the image is not showing it's pressed even though it triggers the correct event to happen.

It seems to happen when I'm not fully pressing it, meaning when I click it with half my finger inside, other half outside.

I have gone through every control node I have in the scene and set it to ignore. Worth noting is that use viewport as scale mode and keep width as aspect.


Yes, the button is inside a control node, that is because I was first using a TouchScreenButton, but it was the same deal there.

Edit: It seems to be only affecting the corners of the touch screen. Any ideas what's going on?

Edit 2: It seems like viewport scales the buttons click area to be half the size?

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I don't know if this is (was) related:
I found your request because my TouchScreenButtons behaved weird exclusively on my iPhone app:
I had to press the button always a little above the actual button texture (which only occurred when I pressed "jump" and "left" or "right" at the same time) and I finally solved my problem by turning off the "Shape Centered" option.

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