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Hi, I tested a little with Godot 2.1 and 3d scenes.

I made a simple project with a basic setup and a Sprite3D. While its working perfectly when testing on my pc or on one smartphone I have, it's not on my Galaxy s2.

I uploaded the test project to github:

Here is how it looks on my smartphone:
enter image description here

Hope theres someone here who can have a look, I tried various import options but nothing worked :/ It seems to have something to do with the size of the png, Because I tested some smaller ones that worked.

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Your project has a 5000×5000 texture which is too large for an old device like a Samsung Galaxy S2 (which was released in 2011).

Modern desktop hardware imposes a 16384×16384 limit on most textures; however, on mobile devices, the limit is typically much lower. Don't use textures larger than 4096×4096 if you plan on exporting your project to mobile platforms.

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Thank you very much, that makes sence. I tried again with the same texture 4000x4000 and it is displayed as it should.
If I want to display a bigger texture though, is there some other approach then splitting my texture up in smaller chunks and placing them together again in my scene?
I read the documentation about atlas textures and it sounds like that could do the trick. But I've tried that again, even with a minimal texture size of 128, without luck.

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