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The line is too long. How can I shorten it?


For disabling;


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This works for me, as seen in the Sponza demo:

get_viewport().msaa = Viewport.MSAA_4X
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The exact answer I'm looking for. thank you so much.

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Maybe by referencing your viewport rid and msaa setting as a variable?

onready var viewport_rid = get_tree().get_root().get_viewport_rid()
onready var msaa_default = VisualServer.VIEWPORT_MSAA_8X
onready var msaa_off = VisualServer.VIEWPORT_MSAA_DISABLED

func toggle_msaa(active):
  if active:
    VisualServer.viewport_set_msaa(viewport_rid , msaa_default)
    VisualServer.viewport_set_msaa(viewport_rid , msaa_off)
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thank you for your answer but I thought without reference. it seems impossible without reference. I'll write a singleton graphic_settings class for more legible code.

As stated in the docs these Viewport constants are representations of integers. Also getting the root-node can be abbreviated. So you could also write it like this:

func toggle_msaa(active):
  if active:
    VisualServer.viewport_set_msaa(get_node("/root").get_viewport_rid() , 3)
    VisualServer.viewport_set_msaa(get_node("/root").get_viewport_rid() , 0)

As far as I know there is no way of getting it even shorter without the use of referencing the viewport-rid.

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