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Can I compress my project? It is big. Where are the compression settings of assets in Godot?

asked Feb 5, 2018 in Projects by GearStarter (23 points)

I'm guessing here, have you checked Project Settings > General > Compression > Formats?

I tried it. But the size of my build does not change. Maybe I'm stupid?

I don't think so, it's just that we don't fully understand whats happening underneath

Ok. So how to compress my project? I want to have small size.

There are some compression options on the asset's importer

Thank you, I'm trying.

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The compression in the project-settings are just one possibility to make your game smaller.

In the core you have to optimize all used resources. Here the most work is done by programs like Gimp or Blender. :)

I recommend to watch this summary:

enter image description here

answered Jun 14 by ProggerParrot (116 points)
edited Jun 14 by ProggerParrot
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