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I am new to Godot (using 3.0 RC1) and I need to use a module to accomplish Google Play Services. I found one on GitHub, but I have no clue how to add it to the engine? Is there really no other way than modifying the source code and recompile? I'm not familiar with any languages other than Python and GDScript, so this seems scary to me.

Thanks for all your answers.
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maybe it will be much easier later with... 3.x not sure.
but you need to compile templates for now.

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Although I do not have experience with touching the playstore, I am touching the c++ modules fairly often.

Doesnt the play store uses Android's java api

If so, you have to go through the painstaking process of using a Java NI


If the github is self contained in godot/modules/

all you have to do is add the file to godot/modules directory and compile

found another example


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