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How would you go about showing text on screen with an integer and string, ie: showing a stats/records screen where it says something like wins: 5 losses: 2?

I was guessing it would be something along the lines of:

extends Label
var x = 5
var y = 2
func _ready():
  set_text("wins: " + x + "Losses: " + y)

However, this doesn't seem to work.

Also, how would I go about adding a line, to get this:

Wins: 5
Losses: 2
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You can do that if you add str() to each of those variables to turn them into strings. You can also use a newline to add a line. The revised line would look like this: set_text("wins: " + str(x) + "\nLosses: " + str(y))

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You can also but everything into str()

label.set_text(str("wins: ", x , "Losses: ", y))
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BTW, I guess you meant "put" and not "but" :)
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It is even more elegant to use format strings:

set_text("Wins: %d Losses: %d" % [x, y])

The benefit of using % from the start is that you could easily change the code later so that the output has more structured formatting. For instance, if you later want to give the literals a fixed width of 10 chars, you could use %10d.

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Definitely this. This is the entire purpose that format strings serve.

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