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I have built the Engine with the latest sources, and have subsequently used that to try and build the latest sources of the Python module. The thing is, how do I exactly use one with the other? What files do I have to copy over to the Engine directory to get Python support? Do I just copy the entire Python module sources into the "module" directory of the source directory of the Engine? The Readme file for the module isn't very specific on how to get this to work.

Btw, just to get the Python module to build, I had to first change some syntax in the "SConstruct" file. Specifically, the places where they had to use the "python" command. I changed this to "python3" since I kept getting build errors. Then I had to copy over the "libgdnativewrappercode.x11.opt.64.a" from the Engine directory to the Pyhon module directory.

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