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Hello Godot Experts,

We're building a 2D game that uses PNGs for backgrounds. The frame of the game is normally 2200x1600, but I wanted to have one scene that pans across a wider background (8000 x 1600). When I tried to load the larger PNG into my existing project, it rendered like this:
Godot PNG weirdness
should look like this

Does this have something to do with my Project Settings? The original PNG seems fine so it appears to be something Godot is doing with it.

Side question: if this turns out to be an unsuccessful way to make a wider background, what's the best practice for making a wider background scroll in only one scene?

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I guess your image size(dimension) is too big.
would you try it with 2048 or less?

you can add several sprites for background, splitted by multiple files.

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If Godot 2, the renderer limits to 4096 textures (GLES2 limit and most hardware that supports it too).
You can import it as LargeTexture (be sure to select the ltex extension).

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Thanks! I will break up the file.

the large texture can do that for you.

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