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I can only run /Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot to start the godot editor with the project list window.
If I run this command inside the project, it won't start this project.
And it also can not run a scene by
/Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot scene.tscn

Has anybody successfully run these commands from Mac OS ?

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Placing the Godot binary in /usr/local/bin and making sure it is called godot

  1. in terminal. create bash_profile file if not exist;

    touch ~/.bash_profile
  2. open file with TextEdit;

    open -a TextEdit ~/.bash_profile
  3. paste this export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH into TextEdit. save
    and close.

  4. apply changes;

    source ~/.bash_profile
  5. Create symlink for Godot binary;

    ln -s /Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot /usr/local/bin/godot

Finally Read Command line tutorial

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Nowadays, default Mac Terminal is ZSH.

echo 'alias godot="/Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot"' >> ~/.zprofile && source .zprofile && which godot

Edited thanks to @razah's comment (https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/71253/what-should-shouldnt-go-in-zshenv-zshrc-zlogin-zprofile-zlogout for more ZSH configuration information).

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use ~/.zprofile instead of ~/.zshrc

% echo 'alias godot="/Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot"' >> ~/.zprofile

or as a symlink

% ln -s /Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot /usr/local/bin/godot

Then restart terminal, Let's test which file path it is;

% which godot
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