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How can I enable / disable input for entire application from GDScript?

The desired effect is that all input devices (mouse, keyboard, controllers, touches, etc) will be enabled / disabled for the entire application from GDScript.

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[Later edit]: Using 2.1.4 official stable
[Update 2018, 25th July]: This also works in 3.0.5 official stable.

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I don't think there is a way to do this on engine level, but it's possible if you simply stop processing input in all your scripts.
You would also need a fullscreen invisible Control on top of everything to prevent mouse input from going through, and give it focus so key/button focus won't access anything.

What is the use case for this?

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Found the solution:
1) add a Control object as the root of the scene
2) add a script to the scene (inherited from "Control")

To disable the input:


To enable the input:


Looks like on Windows, even if the input is disabled "Alt +F4" still works though. Everything else is "dead".

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Oh yeah... there is that, since the game has a default viewport, which is the tree root. It's better than putting a fullscreen Control^^
You still need to stop any script from polling the Input class though.

Couldn't he also pause the tree? It might not work very well if he wants to run physics though.

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