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Hey newbie question here.

Suppose I have a scene tree like this:

---------- Dog
---------- Cat
---------- Rose
---------- InsertNameOfAnyPlantHere

where 'Living' is the parent of 'Animal' and 'Plant' and so on.

My question is can a signal emitted by let's say ..... 'Dog' be received by 'Living'?
Or can a signal emitted by 'Plant' be received by 'Animal' or 'Living'?
If not how can we make sure that the signals can be received?

Mind it that the signals I am talking about are custom made signals in the scripts of the respective nodes.


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There is no scope for the signals, all the Objects connected to the emitter can be notified of it (in or outside the tree).

ps: with "outside the tree" I mean, it does not need to be a Node attached to the tree, can be a inner Object class in a variable (usually of a Node in the tree).

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