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I recently started learning game development with godot. Was trying to implement an FPS in Godot 3 beta 1 by following this project: Calinou/fps-test.
I was able to open the project in the stable build (2.1) and run it.
While creating the player node in 3.0 the 'raycast' used to check if on the floor collides with the 'rayshape' used for the feet. This does not happen in the example run in 2.1.

The raycast and rayshape both have the same origin and length of the rayshape and the cast_to of raycast is same. In the 3.0 project I have made by slighlty moving the raycast in either x or z direction resolves the problem.

My question is how was the example able to resolve the collision (it doesn't use layers as far as I know) or did this get changed in the new version.

Thank you

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