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Hi, i've been playing around with the 3.0 engine for a couple weeks now, and i'm starting to wrap my head around how it works.

Most recently i've been playing around with Gridmaps, as this makes the most sense for designing 3D levels. But i was having some problems with the lighting. It seems that the GIProbe doesn't work properly with the Gridmap node.

I thoughti must've been doing something wrong, but for the sake of testing, i created (more or less) the exact same room, with the exact same tileset in blender, and exported to collada. The Global Illumination results are completely different.


On the right is the Godot Gridmap. On the left is the Blender version using the exact same tiles. Both of these rooms exist inside the same GIProbe with the same directional light, but with very different Global Illumination Results.

I've tried running out the Blender Collada version as multiple and single objects and it works in both cases.

I've tried nesting the Gridmap version in a seperate scene and it still didn't work.

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Upon further playing, if i set the GIProbe's bais attribute to 0, the Blender/Collada version starts looking very visually similar to the Godot/Gridmap version. My guess is that this is where the problem lies.


Its not clear from the documentation exactly what the bias attribute does (my guess is that it's the amount of reflected diffuse light which spills into adjacent voxels within the GIProbe) and for whatever reason, that bias isn't being applied to geometry in Gridmaps

What a coincidence!
I have the exact same problem. And it's in Godot 3.0.2!

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