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Is there a way to disable it or avoid it? Or do I need to file a feature request?

It's honestly becoming the most annoying thing ever. Every time (besides the initial press that makes an animation track) I press that button to key a frame, it shifts the timeline by 1 step and the frame by 1, so I have to manually go back one step to continue working on that step. I can see how it might be useful for old school sprite sheets using discrete frames , but these days it's usually better to use continuous anyways since it counts up for you.

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The answer is No you cant remove/change it unless you change and rebuild godot from source

Basically what the +1 key button does is it sets the Animation to the next frame of it, after marking the frame it was currently on in the animator, i dont think it should be removed because one doesnt understand how to use it, so i mean, if you want you could submit for a feature request, i dont really see any need for it personally

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