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Godot has some plugin to work with augmented reality

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There is a GDNative OpenVR plugin being worked on in Godot 3.0 https://github.com/BastiaanOlij/godot_openvr

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how I use it

@fabio Do you need AR or VR? They are completely different things.

Yes I do. I need AR

Look at the other answer then, this answer is about VR.

I undestand but I need AR. My ask was about AR is not VR.
Thank for your help

Just read the other answer!

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We have plugins for VR, not yet for AR. AR is in the works for Godot 3.1

You can try out this PR for an ARKit build which is fairly far along:

You would have to build that from source but there are a few changes in the way things are deployed to iOS that I haven't had time to work on lately.

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