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The new GI probe tech in Godot 3 is very exciting and looks very impressive. However, the resource requirements are so high that it is currently unusable in production (for example, on my GTX 1050, I get about 10 fps in a game which takes place entirely within a series of small rooms!)

Is there any way to bake and/or use old-fashioned light- and AO (ambient occlusion) maps in Godot 3? For low-end hardware, this is still a necessity!

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After a bit of further research, I think that this is not currently possible, but is on the roadmap for Godot 3.1 (see e.g. here).

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Dang, only 10 FPS?! We need to do some development on that feature. Better make a note of that when they do the polls on Patreon.

After a lot of experimenting, I discovered that the drop to 10 fps was contributed to in part by a Hidpi bug in Godot and was not entirely down to the GIProbe (see the thread linked to above for further details). However, it's still true that the GIProbe is a major performance hog, causing a 50-66% drop in frame rates...

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