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My previous code for detecting collisions was as below:

    resultUp = world.intersect_point(position + Vector2(0, -GRID)) 
    resultDown = world.intersect_point(position + Vector2(0, GRID))
    resultLeft = world.intersect_point(position + Vector2(-GRID, 0))
    resultRight = world.intersect_point(position + Vector2(GRID, 0)
if moveUp == true:
            direction = Vector2(0, -1) 
            if resultUp.empty():
                moving = true


However, I also have area2d's in the scene that the player can enter which signal when the player is able to interact with certain objects. Now, though, these area 2d's seem to result in collisions ocuring and cannot be entered by the player. I can't figure out why this is occuring and have tried a number of fixes but none have worked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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