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Hi, I am using Godot 2.1,4.
I know we can set one way collision in static body 2d, but it block 3 directions and allow only 1 direction to pass through.
What I want to achieve is allow 3 directions to pass through, eg. bottom, left and right, and only block one direction, eg. top.

How can I achieve it?

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Have you tried with 3 one-side segment shapes?

not yet. But how do I arrange the 3 one-side segment shapes topologically?

Sorry, I was confused with Godot 3 that use one direction on the shapes, not the bodies...

I wonder if rotating the shape may work on 2 but probably not, I guess you will need then a composite body made by 3 bodies with different direction for collision (a top, left and right body).

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